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What is it?

 Shower Powder is an aromatherapy scented shower product, similar to bath bombs or shower steamers. These other products can only be used once, but a bag of Shower Powder can last

10-20 times depending on how much is used. If there is not enough time to enjoy the scent of a bath bomb but still time to shower, this is the perfect way to get a similar spa experience.


  Shower Powder provides a quick aromatherapy boost, whether it be a scent to wake up, help relax, or soothe sinuses. 

How to use

Step by step, here is how to ​use

Shower Powder:


1. Sprinkle at least 3 spoonfuls of powder onto the shower floor at a place where the powder will touch water but will not be directly drained. The amount used determines how long the product will last.


2. Turn on the faucet.


3. Breathe in and enjoy the aromatherapy, quick and ready to go!

How to order

Shower Powder is proudly based in Orlando, Florida. Our product can be found in The Lovely, PinStyle, and Infusion Tea, as well attending farmers markets in the Orlando area (more information posted on social media). We are also available online here.