from a dream to reality...       



The CEO and founder of Shower Powder, Camryn Brown, was only 12 years old when she started Shower Powder. She had always dreamed of running her own company, so she started Shower Powder, her first official business. It took a lot of hard work and dedication to make the product work, but every minute spent was worth it. The idea of Shower Powder came in a spark of inspiration while Camryn was thinking about the problems of bath bombs. A single unit is expensive and she could not figure out an easy way to use it more than once, needless to say a good time to take a bath. Very quickly a simple conversation transformed into an idea that would change everything: what if there were a bath bomb that did not have a shape and was for the shower? That is how the self-paced Shower Powder came to life!


Now, Shower Powder has gone in front of investors and traveled to the Young Entrepreneurs Academy's semi finals in New York. Shower Powder is sold at various farmers markets around Central Florida and is available in local shops. Follow Shower Powder on social media for updates.